Sunday, August 14, 2011

Elks Club Car Show - Aug 13 2011

The Elks Club in Enfield held their annual car show / fundraiser yesterday. The weather was perfect - sunny and dry, and not too hot (rare for August!) Local business had been generous in their sponsorships, donating tons of gift cards for raffle prizes.  Trophies would be awarded, and there was even a "driver's raffle." Thirty cars had preregistered for the event, and more were expected to arrive as "drive-ins."  No one was expecting a huge show, but since it was such a nice day and rain was expected Sunday (the day two other, much larger, shows were to run) anticipation was high that there would be an active show.

Thirteen cars showed up.  A handful of spectators came by. The show, which was intended to run until 3 that afternoon, sort of unraveled and broke up a little after 1.

With so many sponsored prizes and so few people there, winning the raffles was easy. Maryanne and I won several gift cards for local restaurants and a pair of movie passes. But I would have traded the prizes for more cars in attendance.

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