Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Look

I've been shopping for a truck for quite a while, ever since I discovered that my dependable '92 Nissan has such extensive rot in the frame that I can see daylight through it.  My search hasn't been all that intensive; it's been almost two years since I realized that the Nissan's frame wasn't repairable. But I've been keeping my eyes open for an inexpensive replacement.

When my wife Maryanne and I started talking about getting another truck, I told her I wasn't looking for anything big.  Quarter-ton 4 cylinder trucks have served me well over the past ten years, and I really don't have the need for a massive eight-cylinder, 4-door, 1-ton behemoth. The only exception to that, I told her, was if I could find a pre-1970 F-series Ford.

On Saturday 4 June, we went to the EJK Car Show at Xavier High School in Middletown.  My brother-in-law Bob had two cars he wanted to exhibit , and I offered to drive one of them to the show.  He drove his 1934 Ford Rat Rod (on the left in the photo above,) and I piloted his 1962 Galaxie 500 (on the right.)

As we walked around the show, chatting with car owners and enjoying the perfect weather, we came across this beautiful 1960 F-100:

Having come from Nevada, there isn't a bit of rust on it. The body is all sound, all metal, and all original.  Maryanne and I took some time to think about it, and I called the owner on Saturday night.  It's coming home with me on Tuesday.


  1. AWESOME!!! The two big questions, cost, and condition? What do you need to DO to it or is it road worthy now and you're just looking to cherry it up to showroom?

  2. It's road worthy right now, though with a few issues. The steering is loose and sloppy - I've heard it called "Drunken Monkey" steering - but that seems to be a common problem with 57-60 Fords. I suspect there's a ton of wear in the steering box, but the first thing I'm going to do is go over the front end...and then work my way back.