Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Home!

She looks pretty good in the driveway.
 I drove down to Waterbury CT (about 50 miles south) to get the truck last night, and drove it home. Waterbury is a hilly town and I was glad for the granny gears in 1st and 2nd as I cautiously drove out from the neighborhood where it was located to the highway.
The very first thing that I'm going to need to work on is the steering. It's really sloppy. Online forums call it "drunken monkey" steering, but I referred to it last night as "pants-shittingly loose." There are a few other minor details, but they're not nearly as important.

As far as other major systems go, there aren't really any problems. The engine is a Ford 360 V8 which runs beautifully, the clutch is silky smooth, and the tranny is fine. The tires are good, and the brakes are fine too, though they're drums all around and that is going to take me a little bit to get used to because every car I've driven for the past 20 years has had disc brakes.  

I'm off to the DMV this morning to get the registration. Later this evening I'll post some more pictures including some interior shots, and a list of the stuff I want to do to her. As my brother-in-law Jim said, "This truck is a blank canvas - everything's here and everything's solid, and there are so many possibilities."

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  1. Dave are you aiming to keep it "stock" or are you thinking about doing some "upgrades" like shifting to better brakes and such? Depending on what you paid, sounds like you got a great starter! JC Whitney is gonna be loving you!! LOL