Friday, June 10, 2011

Vehicle Overview - Part 1: Interior

With so little work needed on the outside of the truck, I thought that the interior of the cab would be a good place to start documenting what the '60 looks like right now, before any changes get made.

The driver's door looks good, with the original red driver's armrest (available as an option in 1960.)  The door handle and the window crank are both original.

The door latch mechanism and the window assembly are going to need some attention. The door opens "hard" and the window is mighty tough to roll up (though it glides down smoothly.)

Meanwhile, over on the passenger side, we have no arm rest (that's a driver's side only feature,) the original door handle, and some random window handle.

The window on this side operates better than the one on the driver's side, but the door lock is malfunctioning - the door locks just fine, but the key won't open the door from outside (the key turns, but the door won't unlock.)

That's a new headliner, but I don't think that original headliners in the '60 F100s were perforated. I'll probably leave it for now, but replace it later with a one-piece molded headliner for more epic looks, which fits with my "Custom Stock" overall plan for the truck.

The visors and brackets are repro, but they're good repro - correct for the year and model. At the least, I want to dye them red to match the interior color scheme.

 Two problems with the dome light:  The previous owner warned me that he did something wrong while wiring it and now it stays on all the time. The other problem is the lack of a lens. I'll have to trace out the wire to find the first problem.  There are plenty of places online where I can get the lens.

The dash is in exceptionally good shape, but does need some detailing.  The only thing that seems to be working in the instrument cluster is the idiot light for the oil pressure.  Everything else is either non-functional or malfunctioning. The idiot light for the generator is out, the speedometer has, I believe, a broken tooth preventing it from being accurate.

Knobs and switches from left to right:
  1. Headlights/Panel dimmer 
  2. Windshield wiper control - this knob is not correct
  3. Left side floor vent control
  4. Heater fan control
  5. Choke - this knob is not correct and is missing the bezel
  6. Right side floor vent control - not currently operating
  7. Cigarette lighter (it works!)
Under the dash are the aftermarket gauges - Oil pressure, water temperature, amps. I'll probably leave those in even after I get the cluster working again.

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